The U-Anchor is a proven solution for attaching your roof top equipment quickly and effectively while maintaining your watertight seal. The U-Anchor utilizes the exact same installation methods as the rest of your roof, the exact same type of material, and even the same manufacturer of that material. This approach allows for the U-Anchor to seamlessly integrate with the roofing system while maintaining your warranty’s integrity. And to ensure that our U-Anchor meets your projects needs and requirements, we’ve developed multiple options that perfectly fit every application you may encounter.

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The 1000 Series U-Anchor is the solution for lighter load applications while maintaining the versatility and ease that U-Anchors have become known for. The smaller plate size has significant strength and allows for the various types of roofing membranes found on commercial projects.

As the original and most trusted rooftop attachment, the 2000 Series U-Anchors continues set the standard. The 2000 Series plate provides tremendous strength and flexibility to tackle virtually any application found on today’s commercial roof systems.

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Sometimes a second hand is helpful. In this case, a second bolt can make the difference on your project. The 3000 Series plate is an elongated version of our 2000 Series plate but provides a solution where two connection points are needed close together for extra stability, higher efficiency, and greater versatility.

Sometimes all your roof needs is something small with big strength. The 3000-S Series attachments provide just that, with the help of two connection points. The two connection points offer great versatility as the spacing between them can be customized from 3" to as narrow as 1", depending on your project's needs.

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Need something strong? Like really strong? Our 4000 Series plate is just that. It is able to bear loads in excess of 10,000 pounds making it the perfect solution for fall protect and suspended access systems.

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