COVID-19 Updates  |  As of 03/18/20
COVID-19 Updates  |  As of 03/18/20

Rooftop Anchoring For Everything No matter what the job, we have the solutions to quickly and effectively secure your equipment - letting you hold on to that feeling of confidence. SEE WHAT WE CAN DO proven performance Versatility, strength, & The U-Anchor is the best rooftop attachment on the market. it installs with any commercial roof type, any brand of material, and maintains your roof's waterproofing integrity. VIEW OUR PRODUCTS Building Connections To Last A Lifetime Anchor Products is committed to long-term performance in everything we do. We build smarter and stronger products than anyone else, all backed by dedicated and experienced professionals to support our customers. LEARN WHAT WE ARE ABOUT

Secured Mounting Solutions

Every day mission critical systems are being installed on your commercial roof such as pipes, wires, communications equipment, plumbing, and even solar. However, these systems are installed in a manner that compromises the integrity and performance of the roofs primary purpose – to keep water out while protecting the assets within the building.

Anchor Products created the most advanced solution that was developed by roofers for roofers called the U-Anchor. The U-Anchor seamlessly integrates with any commercial roofing material, made by any manufacturer, and installs in just a few minutes. With the U-Anchor, we prevent the voiding of roof warranties and eliminate the structural stress of ballast blocks placed on your facility.

We are the smarter, stronger, and easier solution for mounting all of your rooftop equipment.


Anchor Products has developed U-Anchors specifically designed to meet each application you may encounter. We are the #1 attachment in the market for all rooftop equipment including rooftop solar, bracing & support systems, pipe & wire management, safety & protection, and heavy equipment. Our U-Anchors are tested and proven to hold your equipment in place while meeting building codes, keeping your building watertight, and maintaining your roof’s warranty.

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Products For Your
Commercial Roof

Because every roof is different, we thought it might be a good idea to create a product that works on all of them. Our U-Anchors are manufactured to use the same material type and brand as your existing roof. All materials come prefabricated, so you simply open the box and install – reducing labor costs, providing consistent performance, and keeping your roof looking clean and professional. Plus, we have all the accessories you could need to complete your installation, making us a one stop shop.

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