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Anchor Products produces four different types of U-Anchors: the U-Anchor 2400 Single Ply, the U-Anchor 2600 Asphalt, the U-Anchor 2600 Coatings, and the U-Anchor 2000 Single Ply. To determine which product is right for your roof, try our Rooftop Compatibility Tool by scrolling further down.

To order our products, you must fill out an order form. There is a unique form for each U-Anchor, our accessories, and replacement products. The prices on the site reflect the full retail value of our products. If you’re a manufacturer or distributor, please request a quote for your pricing. When you fill out an order form, you’ll receive an invoice with your pricing.

Works With Almost Everything

Because racking systems are the standard for solar installation, Anchor Products has teamed with the world’s finest racking manufacturers to ensure our products are compatible with any rooftop solar project. In fact, every major racking manufacturer has specified the U-Anchor as the attachment of choice for notable projects throughout the western hemisphere. We are proud to partner with the following racking manufacturers to provide you with the most efficient, smart, and simple way to install your rooftop solar system.

Schletter Inc.
Mounting Systems
Everest Solar System
KB Racking
Polar Racking
Preformed Line Products
Orion Solar Racking
CreoTecc Solar Mounting Systems
GameChange Racking
SnapNrack PV
Mounting Systems
Sunmodo Solar Racking Systems
Solar Speed Rack

Rooftop Compatibility Tool

Finding the right U-Anchor attachment for your roof is easy. Simply select your roof type from the choices below, and we’ll recommend the products that are best suited for your roofing project.

Other Uses

U-Anchors are used to attach Solar Modules, Gas Lines, Electrical Conduit, HVAC Equipment, and Plumbing Systems – and have even been used to seasonally secure Christmas decorations on a retail facility. The possibilities are endless. Please note that installation requirements can vary for each roofing manufacturer. If your project requires a letter of acceptance from a specific manufacturer, please contact Anchor Products directly and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

We offer replacement parts as well as the necessary accessories to complete your solar roof system. You can view our full list of accessories here, and contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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