Rooftop Attachments


The U-2400 is a U-Anchor attachment that is often used for solar installations, but not limited to just that. They are the perfect attachment for HVAC securement utilizing Guy Wire Kits, and even H-Frame securement for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing equipment applications, as well as other rooftop projects depending on the load of the equipment.

The U-Anchor combines strength, efficiency, reliability, and versatility across the spectrum of rooftop equipment installations. It is the foundation of the many Anchor Products Attachment Solutions.

The U-2400 is a lightweight rooftop attachment system that consists of the U-Anchor 2000 Series plate and roof membrane to match your roof by color, material type and manufacturer. That compatibility, along with a watertight, compression-free™ attachment allows the U-Anchor to be included in most roofing manufacturers’ warranties. That is confidence in our product.

The U-Anchor is the Right Choice

• Installation is simple and cost effective, resulting in lower labor, maintenance, and liability costs.

  • Its strength shows resistance to both tension and shear forces. The attachment provides unparalleled securement for whatever equipment is attached against high winds, seismic events, or any other natural hazards.
  • U-Anchors can be safely attached to commercial grade TPO, PVC, EPDM, Asphalt, and coated roof types. It’s non-penetrating, watertight, and is accepted by all major North American roofing manufacturers and is included in many of their warranties.

Visit the Anchor Products online store to select the right U-2400 for your project. Call us at 888-575-2131 and ask us how we can help. Architects and Engineers can customize their projects utilizing our Professional Design Tools.