ANNA MARIA ISLAND, Fla. – The U-Anchor 2000c™ was recently installed on the rooftop of the newly completed LEED registered building within the sustainably designed and built Anna Maria Historic Green Village.

The U-Anchor 2000c supports a solar racking system holding 42 photovoltaic panels anticipated to produce 11 KW of electricity. The mixed-use Net-Zero Energy Anna Maria Island project resides along one of Florida’s hurricane-prone tourist destinations at a Gulf of Mexico beach, where local codes require building materials to pass 150 mph wind load testing before they can be installed.

Third-party independent testing by Trinity ERD found the U-Anchor products to have approximately 1,000 lbs of ultimate load capacity, and the rooftop attachment product can perform in conditions that exceed hurricane force winds due to its high tensile strength and shear strength. The tests were conducted according to the ASCE 7-05 and the ASTM E330-02 (2010) standards. Read the Trinity ERD report here: Test Results.

The U-Anchor 2000c rooftop attachments were installed in Anna Maria Island with a hot air welder on the building’s 1,000 square foot fully-adhere low-slope white membrane roof without requiring any penetrations of the TPO membrane and without the need for any ballast on the solar racking system.

The U-Anchor 2000c can save time and money compared to traditional solar mounting attachment methods and can be quickly installed at a rate of 12 per man hour. Solar integrator, Region Solar of Sarasota and New England, oversaw the installation of the U-Anchor 2000c, which were also utilized to mount a rooftop copper-glass panel for solar thermal hot water heating.

“The benefit to the U-Anchor 2000c is you are not penetrating the roof,” said solar integrator Andrew Tanner of Region Solar. A roof pre-design meeting early in the project was held between the roofing contractor and Tanner to design the support structure for the flex needed in a high wind area with a TPO roof membrane. This enabled Tanner to utilize the U-Anchor 2000c.

The newly constructed building at 507 Pine Avenue will be used for residential units on the second-story and a bakery in the storefront at street level. The project is anticipated to gain LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The other buildings in the historic village were designed and built to be Net-Zero Energy and they have received USGBC’s LEED Platinum certification.

The Anna Maria Historic Green Village is a development of Mike and Lizzie Thrasher, who have spent the past eight years restoring several historic island cottages, moving and grouping them together, and then modernizing them with renewable and green energy systems. The Thrashers also worked with local entrepreneurs to create and locate their businesses in the cottages and other commercial buildings – all while preserving the Old Florida charm of the 100-year-old Gulf Coast island city.

Anchor Products, LLC of Grapevine, Texas, is the manufacturer of the U-Anchor rooftop attachment products for low-slope roof membranes. The U-Anchor products come with an industry standard material warranty.

The U-Anchor 2000c consists of an encapsulated weatherized steel plate with a 3/8 inch by ¾ inch tall stainless steel stud, which has been heat fused to a 16 inch by 16 inch (40 cm by 40 cm) thermoplastic (PVC or TPO roofing membrane) target. A second 11 ¼ inch cover is welded to the bottom target to cover the steel plate. The U-Anchor 2000c attachment is designed to be installed without fasteners.

In addition to solar racking, Anchor Products’ attachment systems can secure electrical conduit, plumbing pipes, HVAC ducting, satellite dishes, windscreens, antennas, and mechanical system components, among others. For more details, please contact us.