Anchor Products made a big splash at the RCI show earlier in the Month. There was non-stop traffic in our booth. We heard comments from consultants saying, “Finally, a legitimate way of fastening items to a flat roof without penetrating its surface.”

Anchor Products also received a large order for a project in the Caribbean to attach solar racks to a roof. We were told that the U-Anchor saved the project. The cost of pre-pouring concrete slabs to attach the racks to were proving to complex and expensive. Anchor has also received requests for quotes on other projects.

You can look at the testing of the U-Anchor for TPO or PVC roofing membrane on the Anchor Products website by clicking here. See for yourself the phenomenal results coming from this product. There are 1000’s of uses for this product to improve the performance of flat roofs, to make a building more efficient, and utilize its space more effectively. We are waiting for the PE report to be delivered. Once the reports are here we will post them to the site.

…The time will come when the U-Anchor will be as common as the screw in the roofing industry.