U-Anchor 2400 Single Ply

Generic, PVC, TPO, KEE: $46.80

EPDM: $56.40

Available for the following roofing manufacturers: Generic, Carlislie, Versico, Mule-Hide, WeatherShield, Firestone, GenFlex, Johns Manville, GAF, IB Roof Systems, Fibertite, Sarnafil, Duro-Last, Flex, Garland, US-Ply.

The U-Anchor 2400 is a integrated solution for all single ply membrane applications, consisting of a U-Anchor plate with a 3/8”-16 X 1 3/8” stainless steel stud and a 12” X 12” membrane cover. The U-Anchor plate is fastened over the roof membrane to the structural roof deck and the factory attached membrane cover is then welded to the roof membrane creating a permanent seal. The cover can be made from the same brand as the roofing material. Please specify a brand when possible. Nuts and lock washers sold separately. Alternate colors other than white are available on request.

Product Data Sheets

Technical Drawing Package

Product Data Sheets & Installation Instructions

U-Anchor 2400 Single Ply PVC, TPO, KEE
U-Anchor 2400 Single Ply EPDM

Testing & Engineering Reports

Test 1Download Full Report

Test Load: 1968 lbs Shear (1211 lbs Tension)
Insulation Board: (Optional) Any UL classified min 1.5″ mechanically attached ISO board
Cover Board: Min ¼” – dens-deck prime, securock, or high density ISO board
Membrane: Any TPO or PVC Roof Membrane

Test 2Download Full Report

Test Load: 1300 lbs Shear at 3″ (1211 lbs Tension)
Deck: Min ½” wood, metal, lightweight concrete, or structural concrete
Insulation Board: (Optional) Any UL Classified Min 1.5” mechanically attached ISO board
Cover Board: Min ¼” dens-deck prime or securock, or high density ISO board
Membrane: Any TPO or PVC Roof Membrane

Disclaimer: The attached information represents tension loads or loads applied to the product in an upward direction, perpendicular to the roof surface. Roof assemblies must be secured in accordance with typical roof industry installation practices and attachment patterns specified in the individual test report selected. Third party test reports are available for both tension as well as shear for each roof assembly. Loads are listed in ultimate force without the inclusion of a safety factor. Allowable loads should be calculated using a safety factor consistent with ASCE7 and ASTM D6630. Actual safety factor identification and overall force load calculations are the responsibility of the qualified design professional of record for each project.

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