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The AP Solution PSS 0330 Wall Pipe securement is your solution to safely securing your system to the wall, vertically or horizontally. Wall mounting is a great alternative to a roof mounted pipe system. It allows for more space on the roof, eliminates potential trip hazards and offers options to install one pipe or multiple ones as needed. The Wall Pipe Securement System from Anchor Products provides a wide range of options to create the perfect solution for your pipe support and securement needs. Customize your system further by choosing the specific pipe clamps with sleeves or rollers to meet your design specifications. The Wall Mounted Pipe Securement System by Anchor Products, using the U-Anchor attachment, is the only pipe support system on the market that is mechanically attached with a water-tight anchor.


  • The wall mounted pipe securement
    system is attached with the U-Anchor
    3000 or 2000 Series attachments and is
    easily customized for all your needs.
  • Advanced system incorporating
    U-Anchors strength to better secure
    pipes against high winds and seismic
  • Can be used with any manufacturers
    pipe support system to provide proper
  • U-Anchors when installed properly
    will perform as designed for the life of
    the roof without any harm to the roof
  • System is installed flush to the wall and
    allows for pipe runs up to 48” in width*.
    (**For greater than 48” wide a custom solution using
    a 3rd support is available)

Wall Pipe Securement System Includes:

  • Three Sided Strut bracket
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • U-Anchor 3000 Series 0r 2000 Series
  • Optional Accessories: 1-Pipe Clamp 2-Pipe Clamp with Cushion

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PSS 0300 can easily be installed as a retrofit securement system on an existing roof and pipe project as needed to eliminate problematic pipe migration.

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