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The SRS 0100 - Unitized Snow Fence System by Anchor Products is a complete snow retention system designed to be used with low-slope roofing materials, giving building owners and contractors a reliable, engineered, and tested solution. This system utilizes U-Anchor™ 3000-S Series for superior strength and confidence when it comes to holding back snow on commercial roofing systems. Each Unitized Snow Fence System is engineered specifically for your roof, and tested by third party engineers. Additionally, our system uses pre-flashed and prefabricated components, making installation significantly faster while providing a more consistent performance over field fabricated materials. Our System is designed to handle extreme loads which allows for fewer attachments and reduced labor.


  • Permanent lightweight snow fence with
    superior waterproofing without the need
    for compression seals to exceed the long
    term needs of your project.
  • Low-profile of snow bars prevents snow
    creep and typically eliminates the need
    for snow flags / restrictor plates.
  • System utilizes U-Anchor 3000-S Series
    Attachments manufactured using
    type and brand specific roofing materials
    to maintain your roof warranty.
  • The U-Anchor installs in less than
    5 minutes while the snow fence system
    installs quickly & easily - reducing on-site
    labor expenses.
  • The Unitized snow fence system is
    manufactured of high tensile aluminum
    and boasts superior loads allowing for
    increased spacing of brackets - reducing
  • More options:
    - Custom colors available (mill finish is
    the standard)

System Includes:

  • U-Anchor 3000-S Series
  • Unitized Bracket
  • Flange Nut and Washers

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