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AP Solution HTD 0640 - HVAC Securement System secures your rooftop unit to the structure. Tie-downs can be installed with the system or retrofitted as needed. Winds as light as 50-60 mph can dislodge your outdoor unit from its base, causing damage to the unit and your roof. The HTD 0640 keeps your unit safe from damage or costly repairs. The U-Anchor 2000 Series attachments by Anchor Products have proven effective in securing HVAC equipment in harsh conditions from earthquakes to hurricanes.


  • Attaches safely to single-ply, asphalt and coated roofs without damaging the roof using a U-Anchor 2000 Series Attachment
  • U-Anchors match roofing material type and brand
  • Install anytime of the year
  • The force resistance of each U-Anchor is approximately 3000 lbs. in tension and 4000 lbs. in shear
  • The 3/16”, 7x7 stainless steel wire rope offers a nominal breaking load strength of 3700 lbs. (Other wire rope options available upon request.)
  • The U-Anchor can be used with all manufacturers HVAC Equipment
  • Bracket, Straps, and cables are made of stainless steel and will not corrode on the roof
  • U-Anchor is accepted by all major North American roofing manufacturers allowing warranties to remain in effect

HVAC Tie-Down Includes:

  • U-Anchor 2000 Series Attachment
  • Mechanical Crimp
  • Thimble
  • 30/30 Bracket
  • Stainless Steel Flat Washers and Flanged Nut
  • Corner Bracket
  • Aircraft Cable
  • Turn Buckle
  • Butyl Tape

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The HVAC Tie-Down Solution consists of stainless steel straps and cables that ensures the metal will not corrode or deteriorate in case of any extreme weather conditions.

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