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The AP Solution™ GWK 0600 Guy Wire Kit from Anchor Products helps keep your expensive equipment from being knocked around and damaged, or worse, flying across the roof, creating expensive leaks and consequential damages. Sustained winds commonly exceed 50-60 mph throughout North America, that is enough to dislodge your rooftop accessories, blow your duct system off its base, move pipes, and tip over an exhaust stack, antenna, or flagpole, and anything else you need to secure with Guy Wires on your roof, causing damage to the equipment and your roof. The U-Anchor 2000 Series attachment by Anchor Products and the GWK 0600 has demonstrated performance in the harshest environments securing rooftop equipment in high wind conditions, including hurricanes and seismic conditions.


  • Attaches safely to TPO, PVC, EPDM, Asphalt and coated roofs without damaging the roof using a U-Anchor™ 2000 Series
  • U-Anchors match roofing material type and brand
  • Each U-Anchor 2000 Series attachment can resist approx. 3000 lbs. in tension and 4000 lbs. in shear
  • U-Anchor is approved with all North American roofing manufacturer’s allowing warranties to remain in effect
  • All exposed components are made of stainless steel and will not corrode on the roof
  • The 3/16”, 7x19 stainless steel wire rope offers a nominal breaking load strength of 3700 lbs. (Other wire rope options available upon request.)
  • Cables with GWK 600 Kit come standard at 10’. Custom length of cables up to 100’ can be quoted and available by request

Roof Mounted Guardrail Includes:

  • U-Anchor 2000 Series
  • 30/30 Tie Down Bracket - 3/16” 304 SS with 3 holes and two slots
  • Stainless Steel Flanged Nut and Flat Washers
  • Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable
  • Mechanical Crimp(s)
  • Turn Buckle
  • Cable Thimble

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The Guy Wire Kit attaches safely to EPDM, TPO, PVC, Asphalt and coated roofs, without damaging the roof using a U-Anchor™ 2000 Series attachment and can be used to attach a wide variety of rooftop equipment.

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