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The AP Solution HFR 0631 Attached H-Frame Securement System provides the strength and secured mounting desired for your rooftop equipment. Finding the right solution for your duct, pipe and cable tray system is critical to the development and maintenance of your commercial roof. An Attached H-Frame could enable you to uphold your system at the necessary height. The H-Frame System is engineered to ensure component capacities and deflection criteria are not exceeded. The U-Anchor 3000 Series Attachment enables the system able to withstand strong winds and other natural events. Respected third party engineers have tested and approved the Attached H-Frame System. The U-Anchor attachment is accepted by all major


  • Attached H-Frame Securement System designed for support and anchorage
  • U-Anchor provides you with a stable securement that can withstand high winds, seismic conditions and other natural hazards
  • Attaches safely to TPO, PVC, EPDM, asphalt and coated roofs without damaging the roof with the U-Anchor
  • All exposed components and hardware
    are stainless steel, aluminum, or other
    non-corrosive materials
  • Metal parts consist of aluminum or hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Optional Accessories:
    - Load Management Plate

Attached H-Frame System Includes:

  • Pre-assembled Attached H-Frame
  • U-Anchor 3000 Series
  • Adjustable Strut Bracket
  • Optional: Load Management Plate and Top Bar Enclosure

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We provide pipe supports for multiple types of rooftop equipment at various heights. To obtain pricing for the Attached H-Frame securement system, contact us.

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