How to Secure M.E.P. and Rooftop Pipe Equipment

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Many types of equipment are attached atop roofs. One of the more prominent types of fixtures on a rooftop is MEP. which stands for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing. Almost every roof has some sort of equipment that falls in the MEP category, and that equipment must be positively attached. From plumbing to conduit to ducts, it’s probably on a roof. Let’s discuss Roof Pipe Securement. This solution secures any type of rooftop pipe, whether it’s plumbing, gas or conduit.

Wooden Sleeper | Rooftop securement | Secure MEPRather than use unreliable “sleepers” to support the pipe systems on the roof, secure it with a solution designed specifically for this job. Sleepers are not stable and often times wooden sleepers will wear away, leaving the roof pipe system uneven, or even worse, resting on the roof itself. Utilizing a reliable solution to secure rooftop equipment creates a safer option for roof projects.

The Anchor Products Roof Pipe Support System utilizes the U-Anchor to attach the solution to the roof and support the pipe system. The U-Anchor is a compression-free attachment that is watertight and exceeds code. It is available in a range of options to create the perfect support for your project’s needs. These solutions can be secured by U-Anchors in the 2000 or 3000 series and these attachments are easily customizable to meet project needs by brand, roof type, color, and specifications. Customize your system further by choosing the specific pipe clamps with sleeves or rollers to meet your design specs.

This total rooftop solution is just one of the more than twenty solutions available from Anchor Products. Every project calls for different specifications and needs regarding rooftop equipment and its securement. Contact Anchor Products for assistance with your project. Design your project utilizing our Professional Design Tools to shop, compare and create a submittal, all at your fingertips. Anchor Products. Connections That Last.