GRAPEVINE, Texas – Solar racking equipment can rub roofing membranes causing excessive abrasion and potential leaks so Anchor Products, LLC has introduced specialty Cover Strips for solar integrators working with a ballasted rooftop photovoltaic system.

The Anchor Cover Strips match the existing PVC or TPO membrane materials and have been approved by the membrane manufacturers. They act as a sacrificial layer between the racking supports and the roofing membrane.

Anchor Products Cover Strips come in a variety of widths to provide protection for the full length of the rooftop racking supports. The Cover Strips come in convenient rolls or sheets that can be hot welded onto the membrane and are accepted by single-ply roof manufacturers.

Anchor Products, LLC, of Grapevine, Texas, developed the U-Anchor 2000 rooftop attachment product for ballast-free, non-penetrating roof membrane attachment of solar module racking systems. The U-Anchor 2000 is a lightweight equipment attachment system consisting of a weatherized steel plate with a 3/8” by ¾” tall stainless steel stud, which has been heat fused to a 16 inch by 16 inch (40 cm by 40 cm) thermoplastic (PVC or TPO) target. The U-Anchor 2000 attachment is designed to be installed without fasteners and is a highly wind-resistant enhancement for solar panel racking installations.