u3800 Coatings



3000 Series


The U3800-Coatings is a lightweight rooftop attachment solution consisting of a U-Anchor 3000 Series plate and a reinforcement fabric. The U3800 includes a factory prepared reinforcement. The reinforcement is dependent on the type of coating being used, and therefore the method of installation may vary.

Product information

Box Dimensions
Box Weight
Equipment Attachment
Faster Material Type
Full Box Quantity
Full Pallet Quantity
Individual Weight
Pallet Dimensions
Plate Fastener Hole Diameter
Plate Fastener Hole Pattern
Plate Material Thickness
Plate Outer Diameter
U-Anchor Attachment
Lightweight: 5 oz. (142 grams). Installs quickly, approximately rate of 12 per man hour. Installs on any surface from flat to vertical.
18'' x 13'' x 11''
Approx. 10 lbs
Default White*
To securely mount your rooftop equipment to the U-Anchor, after its installed, the connection nut must be fastened to approximately 20-25 torque pounds. Use a calibrated torque wrench during install to ensure appropriate results are achieved.
304 Stainless Steel
10 units
40 boxes
Approx. 1 lb
48'' x 40'' x 40''
17/64" (12 holes)v
0.047'' (1.194mm)
11.08" x 5.47"
Shear: Pending Tension: Pending
The U3800-Coatings is attached by fastening through the roofing assembly into the structural decking with 2-12 approved fasteners. Depending on the roofing manufacturer's requirements, the reinforcement type may vary, thereby changing the method of installation. Consult the coating manufacturer for proper application instructions. Fastener selection is dictated by the system assembly, deck type, and the project engineer. Refer to installation instructions and the specified roofing material manufacturer requirements before installing.