People Behind the Anchor

Anchor Products is proud of our hardworking team and the people that make it all happen.


Roofing is in our DNA and the people are the life blood of our company. We want to take time to s how appreciation for our employees that are responsible for the hand-crafted U-Anchors and accessories that we manufacture.

Charles K.

Let's meet Charles. He is one of our longest tenured crew members on the factory floor. Charles is highly skilled in the production of the production of the U-Anchors. He is also cross-trained on many of the manufacturing stations throughout the warehouse, form the die-cutter to shipping duties and more. He loves the work environment and making connections with co-workers, but his focus is on the work and providing for his family. He takes pride in his work and has a great appreciation for the ownership and how the company is run, and that keeps him driven in his everyday duties.

When he's not hard at work in the warehouse, Charles enjoys his downtime with his wife and two daughters. He's active in his church as a part of the safety team. He's very proud of his accomplishment of his quality years in recovery. An alumnus of Oxford House, he actively supports their mission and enjoys seeing others in recovery succeed. Charles is an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan, being a native of that area. His ideal day off would be doing what he loves, enjoying movies and tinkering on his truck.

Charles is a valued member of the Anchor Products team and is one of our celebrated People Behind the Anchor.


Tyrone B.

Our spotlight this time shines on Tyrone from the production team. Tyrone is approaching his 3-year anniversary with Anchor Products as a well-respected member of our crew. He is part of the welding station team, and he ensures that things run smoothly and efficiently when it comes to welding, membrane, and label stickering to properly prep the product for the shipping team to do their part in the process. Each station works hand in hand with one another to strive for efficiency and accuracy in the factory.

Tyrone loves the people at Anchor Products and making professional friendships with his coworkers. He enjoys learning how his role with the company and his daily duties are impactful in the success of the company in the roofing industry.

Away from the workplace, Tyrone is all about family. He strives to be the best family man and father he can be. Father of six kids ranging from their teens to early twenties, he is proud of them in all that they do. One of his daughters graduated last December from Texas Tech University in Veterinary studies, and his oldest daughter previously graduated from Baylor University where she studied nursing. Tyrone attends church regularly and enjoys that fellowship and it allows his family to grow and be close.

His dream vacation would be to go to the Bahamas and relax with his family in a Caribbean paradise. Tyrone loves sports, including watching the NBA and he is a super fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of Tyrone’s proudest moments was being promoted to a manager position at a steel plant in Arkansas earlier in his life. His work ethic and family values make him an ideal fit for Anchor Products, and the company is proud and fortunate to have someone like Tyrone in the fold as one of our People Behind the Anchor.


Laura G.

Say hello to our Shipping Lead, Laura. In her time at Anchor, Laura has become a vital part of the production team. She has taken ownership of her role as Shipping Lead and makes sure that things get done. Her go get ‘em attitude and infectious smile make her a true bright light in the warehouse. She takes pride in her work and puts in outstanding effort every day. Laura loves the communication and teamwork at Anchor and loves the small tight-knit staff. “I like how everyone comes together to get things done,” she confidently claimed. She said her biggest accomplishments so far are getting trained on the forklift and becoming the Shipping Lead.

Laura hails from Fort Worth, Texas and is an avid music lover. She’s fond of gospel music and the soulful sounds of Lauryn Hill and she can be heard singing while she works. She stays active by playing volleyball and is a self-proclaimed Foodie, as she loves to cook and eat. Laura enjoys making Soul Food and said that she could eat pizza every day if she had the choice.

An ideal day off for her would be to sleep in a little and then take a Girls Day Out with her 7-year old twin daughters. She keeps busy with the family business of bounce house rentals. When she puts her mind to doing something, it gets done with passion and talent. She was recently awarded Employee of the Quarter for Spring 2022.

Laura is truly an asset to the company and a key part of the success of Anchor Products and is one of our celebrated People Behind the Anchor.


Candice M.

Let’s get acquainted with Candice, our Inside Sales Support Representative. Candice is approaching 2 years of service with Anchor Products and is an important part of the workflow. She is a liaison between the customer and our production team. Her duties include taking and processing orders, as well as assisting the customer in customizing their order based on the need or situation at hand. She excels in the customer service experience by knowing the product first hand and handling each customer with a friendly and professional attitude. She is responsible for invoicing and working closely with both the production & shipping teams as well as the accounting department. She truly is the “Hub” to the production flow here at Anchor.  

Candice enjoys the people and the team at Anchor Products and likes the flexibility of the workflow and processes. The sense of teamwork is a strong factor and Candice is a big part of that teamwork. Her influence is noticeable in the day-to-day operations at the office.  

When Candice isn’t at the office, she spends quality time with her husband Mark and her daughter Bridgette. Her family is important to her, but she has a feathered family as well…she raises chickens at home and takes great pride in her flock. In her free time she loves reading science fiction and watching the movies based on the novels she has read…then acting as a critic of the adaptation from page to screen. She is also a devout Trekkie and claims that her favorite Star Trek character is Dr. “Bones” McCoy. She can hold a Trek conversation with the best of them!  

Candice enjoys both Indian and Chinese cuisine, and loves her morning Starbucks. On a typical day off, you will find Candice, a true gamer at heart, taking on all challengers in a range of video games. Her favorites are the games of both the Fallout and Destiny franchises. Her latest fancy is a game called Stellaris, which she finds very intriguing and addictive. Playing aside, Candice is a standout in the Anchor Products family and is a key member of the team. It’s always an honor to celebrate women in the industry, and she is deserving of this spotlight. Her hard work and outgoing personality mixed with a great knowledge of the roofing industry make Candice a valued asset to Anchor Products as one of our People Behind the Anchor. 


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