What is Overburden?

overburden rooftopOverburden, simply put, is anything on top of a roof that was not already integrated to a finished roof. Whether the roof is one day old or 20 years old, if it was not part of the original roof assembly, it is considered overburden and must be accepted by the manufacturer prior to installation to avoid affecting or even voiding the warranty.

There are many types of overburden. From rooftop solar systems to vegetative roofs to HVAC equipment, plumbing systems and even plaza decks. Each type of overburden must meet the criteria and be accepted by the roofing manufacturer as to not nullify your roof’s warranty.

The U-Anchor has been thoroughly evaluated by each of the north American roofing manufacturers.  The U-Anchor is widely considered the superior rooftop equipment attachment solution.  If you are considering attachment method for your rooftop equipment, ask your roofing manufacturer for proof of inclusion in the warranty.  See warranty inclusion documentation for the U-Anchor below.