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Your facility’s roof protects a huge percentage of your assets and happens to be home to mission critical systems such as your HVAC, plumbing, electrical and even solar. So when integrating these systems on your roof, it’s vital to make sure all components mesh well while leaving your roof watertight, within code, and maintaining your roof’s warranty.

For Anchor Products, that’s when it started coming together.

Joel Stanley, our founder and pioneer, recognized this need and began designing a universal anchor that would be a seamless, non-penetrating component of the current roof system while providing the strength and engineering required to keep equipment in place. Fast forward several years – after designing, testing, and consulting with roofing experts around the globe for every environment – that universal anchor, now known as the U-Anchor, was born.

The U-Anchor utilizes the exact same materials (even the specific brand) and installation methods as the original roof – allowing the warranty to remain unaffected. Because of the exhaustive amount of research put into the U-Anchor design, it can be installed virtually anywhere in less than 5 minutes.

This attention to detail has earned the U-Anchor the status as the choice product in the market for rooftop attachments. It offers unparalleled versatility to roofers, electrical contractors, plumbers, solar integrators, and more because it’s an anchor that can go anywhere.

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We value our customers’ feedback so that we can continuously strive to create new ways for Anchor Products to provide robust solutions for anchoring all rooftop equipment.

Our team is dedicated to raising the standards of service and performance in our industry by building connections to last a lifetime.

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