Anchor Products LLC, recently introduced the U-Anchor 2000™ rooftop attachment product for ballast-free, non-penetrating roof membrane attachment of solar module racking systems.

The patented U2000 is a lightweight equipment attachment system consisting of a weatherized steel plate with a 3/8″-16 x 1.5″ tall stainless steel stud, which has been heat fused to a 15.75 inch by 15.75 inch (40 cm by 40 cm) thermoplastic (PVC or TPO roofing membrane) target. The U2000 attachment is designed to be installed without fasteners and is a highly wind-resistant enhancement for solar panel racking installations.

The U2000 is backed with our industry best warranty. Third-party independent testing of the U2000 by Trinity ERD found the product to have approximately 1,800 lbs of ultimate load capacity. The product can perform in conditions that exceed hurricane force winds due to the U2000′s high tensile strength and shear strength.

The U2000 does not require roof membrane penetrations and eliminates the need for ballasting of Photovoltaic panel racking systems. This saves building owners and project teams from making structural engineering changes due to the weight of ballasted solar racking systems.

The U2000 saves significant installation time lowering labor costs. Cranes and staging areas for hoisting ballast to the roof are also not needed with the U2000, which weighs approximately 1.18 lbs and can be easily carried to the roof. The U2000 can be welded to any flat thermoplastic surface with a hot air welder at a rate of 12 attachments per man hour.

U2000 can also help extend the life of roof membranes with solar racking systems. Ballasted racking systems can shift and rub along the surface of a roof membrane causing an abrasion action and potentially forcing premature failure of the roof membrane. The U2000 attachment system has also passed rigorous testing to the ASCE 7-10 ASTM E330-02 (2010) TAS 1178 standards.