Schletter, Inc has thoroughly reviewed the performance and testing data of the U2000 and gave the solar racking attachment product a positive review.

“The U2000 provides a well thought-out and efficient means of fastening our solar mounting system to the roof of a commercial building,” according to Wolfgang Fritz, Ph.D., PE, Vice President of Engineering. “The installation is fast and simple which reduces time spent on site. In states with high labor rates, this can have a significant impact on overall project cost.”

“Anchor Products performed a stringent testing program to ensure the U-Anchor provides a safe alternative to other attachment methods. The results of the testing is used by our engineering department to determine count and locations of roof connections. We have worked with Anchor Products to determine the best way to connect Schletter rails to the U-Anchor. Several different methods are possible, allowing for a variety of instances where we can use their system with Schletter’s.”

“We think the U-Anchor provides a beneficial and convenient method of attaching our mounting systems to commercial membrane roofs without the need for additional ballast or roof penetrations,” Wolfgang said.