U-Anchor Helps with roof protection for a Colorado Library. 

Anchor Products U-Anchor, U2000™ helps with roof protection for low slope roof membranes from tears and leaks. These U-Anchors were recently installed on the new library in Silt, Colo. The U2000 attaches solar racking systems to a roof membrane and when installed in a non-ballasted solar project eliminates excess rubbing and abrasion.

“This was a unique project for us because we custom made the U-Anchors to match the tan color of the TPO roofing membrane,” said Joel Stanley, Anchor Products President. A 30 kilowatt solar panel system was installed on the 7,000 square foot building. “Keeping the solar panels and the roof protected from the cold and snow was a top priority for the Silt library and our products will prevent leaks and wear,” continued Stanley. Silt experiences 38.4 inches of snowfall per year and the average low in January is nine degrees Fahrenheit.

The U2000 consists of an Galvalume weatherized steel plate with a 3/8 inch by 16 by 1.5 inch tall stainless steel stud, which has been heat fused to a 15.75 inch by 15.75 inch (40 cm by 40 cm) thermoplastic (PVC or TPO roofing membrane) target. It installs on any flat thermoplastic surface. The membrane at the Silt Library was GAF TPO and the installation was ballast-free.

Anchor Products U-Anchors helped shield a large factory in Yonkers, NY during Hurricane Sandy in Oct. 2012. The multi-story building on which the Photovoltaic panels were installed experienced wind gusts exceeding 90 mph. The roof protection project did sustain damage due to flying debris and building materials punctured the EPDM roof membrane, but neither the U-Anchor 2000 nor the Schletter solar racking system were damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

In addition to roof protection the U-Anchor line of products can also attach mechanical equipment, electrical conduit, plumbing pipes, HVAC ducting, satellite dishes, windscreens, and antennas, among many others. For more information about the overall project, please contact us.