Protect Your Roof from the Effects of Wind

Insurance companies paid over $29.7 billion for both residential and commercial property claims to Americans in 2016 as a result of weather events including severe wind. Intense weather, particularly strong winds, can be especially harmful to roofs without proper planning and appropriate installation methods.

Understanding Roof Susceptibility

Equipment added to a roof increases the susceptibility of the roof to damage. Since the equipment isn’t part of the flat surface of the roof, wind can add more pressure to the equipment. If the roof is billowing, the equipment can even lift and crash back into the roof, causing cracks, pitting, and more. Sometimes the equipment can even lift off the roof, damaging the roof and/or surrounding structures, and further compromising the roofs ability to withstand the forces it was originally designed to withstand.

2015 International Mechanical Code 301.15 is designed to prevent such occurrences. It states that “Mechanical equipment, appliances, and supports that are exposed to wind shall be designed and installed to resist the wind pressures determined in accordance with the International Building Code.” This and other regulations improve roof susceptibility.

How to Protect Roofs with Added Equipment

Securing equipment installed on roofs to meet this mechanical code and protect against wind damage is essential. However, it must be done in a certain manner to accomplish specific requirements and meet building codes and insurance standards. This is exactly what the people at Anchor Products understood when they designed the U-Anchor. It accomplishes everything you need in an easy to install manner accepted by virtually every roofing manufacturer. The technology securely connects equipment to roofs in a way that unifies the design of rooftop equipment and roof to resist damaging winds, seismic activity, extreme weather events, and more potential dangers.

Raise your level of roof protection and lower the risks that equipment adds. Learn about the product offering from Anchor Products designed to prevent uplift caused by wind, seismic, and other forces of nature.