In today’s rapidly changing work environment, there has been a shift from the traditional office park. The iPark Hudson Facility provides employees with an environment that is better suited for today’s worker. National Resources, the developer of iPark Hudson, has worked on some of America’s largest industrial sites and transforms them into vibrant workplaces. They make sure to preserve original structures to retain history and architecture while re-inventing them for further years of hard work, discovery and innovation.

Described as being an “anti-office park”, iPark Hudson has buildings that are more akin to SoHo and the Highline District in Lower Manhattan. The goal with this development was to attract businesses that were weary of the traditional office park model.

iPark Hudson features a cutting-edge solar panel project on top of the Kawasaki Rail Cars building. It is the largest of its kind in the New York area. It also covers a roof space of 110,000 square feet across four rooftop areas and homes 3700 solar panels. Mayor Mike Spano commented, “The city of Yonkers is proud to be home to Westchester County’s largest commercial rooftop solar power system,”

Anchor Products understands roofing. We were called upon to help this development by providing U-Anchor attachments for the 3700 solar
panels. “We were very excited to play our part in anchoring the solar racking system for this massive photovoltaic electric power generating
system,” said Anchor Product’s President Joel Stanley. Anchor Products provided the ballast-free, non-penetrating U2000 anchor
attachment to secure the solar module racking systems and other rooftop equipment.


Superstorm Sandy was a natural disaster that was unprecedented in the New York area. The Merger of another storm, after losing some of its tropical storm status, prevented the storm from  moving out to sea. When Superstorm Sandy hit the multistory iPark Hudson Facility, it experienced wind gusts exceeding 90mph.

Although there was damage sustained due to flying debris and punctured building materials, the U-Anchor 2000 nor the Schletter Solar Racking System were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Joel Stanley said, “Our U-Anchor product has already protected this multi-million-dollar solar investment from Superstorm Sandy and will continue to support this Photovoltaic system for many decades to come.”


According to Kraft Roofing, the roofing contractor for the Yonkers Project, they avoided extensive crane fees and a large staging area for storing and hoisting ballast to the roof by utilizing the U-Anchor. U-Anchors only weigh approximately 1.18 lbs. each and were carried up the roof with ease. The U2000 can also be welded to the roof at the rate of 12 attachments per man hour, which further saved money on labor and manpower for the project.



The U2000 is an attachment device that securely
mounts rooftop equipment like solar panels, satellites,
inflatables, HVAC, pipe systems and much more.
Each U2000 Series attachment can resist approx.
3000 lbs. in tension and 4000 lbs. in shear.
They are available in the material that matches your
commercial roof and also are accepted by all major
North American roofing manufacturers.
The U-Anchor attachment series is an
attachment that securely mounts your rooftop
equipment. Its lightweight and ease of
installation provides a lower cost in labor and
manpower. The U-Anchor has been proven to
secure your rooftop equipment to stand the
test of a high-wind storm like Hurricane Sandy.


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