Shifting the Solar Paradigm

Florida may be known as the Sunshine State, but it’s California that has been passing revolutionary solar legislation. A recently passed bill in the Golden State mandates that beginning in 2020, all new homes must install rooftop solar panels. The legislation is the first of its kind in the nation and a bold move, even from a state that is already leading the rest of the country in renewable energy policies.

A Missed Opportunity?

In a move scheduled to go into state-wide effect by 2020, California has just become the first state in the nation to require that all new homes install rooftop solar panels. However, while this groundbreaking legislation promises to be good for the environment and homeowners’ monthly energy bills, the commercial market is curiously left out. Not only do commercial spaces use exponentially more energy than residential dwellings, the buildings tend to be far more ideal for solar implementation with their long, flat roofs.

Joel Stanley, Founder & CEO of Anchor Products, puts this contrast in simple terms. “Companies like COSTCO that have a $40,000 electrical bill each month typically do not have solar installed on their buildings. We see an opportunity where we can put more solar on large commercial buildings with a rooftop attachment that’s safe and allows solar to be as commonplace as it is on residential applications.”

As leaders in the solar industry, and strong believers in renewable energy, Anchor Products is excited by California’s bid to make solar universal for new residences, seeing it as a way to push various industries, as well as the rest of the country, towards a more sustainable future. However, this new bill misses an opportunity to make solar just as prevalent in the commercial and industrial sectors. Not only are the environmental factors even more important, but a rooftop solar array can save companies thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on their monthly energy bill while removing strain on the grid. And yet, it is often understandable why commercial buildings don’t install solar, as most of the common methods for installing solar roof arrays, such as ballast systems, do not work well in the long run and void roof warranties.

A Solution Built to Last

Anchor Products provides commercial operations with the tools they need to follow the residential sector by quickly and affordably installing solar solutions that could significantly lower their energy costs. Anchor Product’s attachments are compatible with all solar racking systems and are both lighter and more versatile than traditional ballasted systems. All major commercial US roofing manufacturers accept U-Anchors as they do not damage the roof or void the roof warranty. U-Anchors are able to achieve this by utilizing the roofing manufacturers’ own material for perfect compatibly. The anchors are also robust, waterproof, and built to withstand seismic activity – a feature critical to both residential and commercial property owners, especially in California. Best of all, the system can even qualify your roof as part of the ITC when install appropriately.

While California’s new bill will push the rest of the nation toward standardizing sustainable energy and help homeowners save on their monthly expenses, commercial properties need to be addressed. Anchor Products enables businesses to follow suit and dramatically cut costs with their versatile, robust, and affordable solar mounting systems. To see how your business could save money and join the thousands of others who are enjoying the benefits of solar energy, just visit Anchor Products today!