AP Solution LMK 0510 Light Mount Securement

AP Solution LMK 0510 Light Mount securement

Anchor Products provides solutions for any equipment that may be attached on a commercial roof, and Lighting is no exception. Lighting is a vital part of any rooftop, providing illumination for safety, security, and sometimes for aesthetic appeal. Either way, a building’s lighting must be secured.

The AP Solution LMK 0510 Light Mount Securement supplies a simple solution for installation, a secure base, and assurance that your rooftop lighting system exceeds threshold conditions and specifications. The Light Mount system uses the U-Anchor 3000 Series attachment to provide maximum strength. Each commercial rooftop lighting system is created and customized to meet the individual roof project and needs.

When rooftop lighting on a building or facility is such a priority in regard to safety and security, it must be installed right and with a reliable solution. That’s what Anchor Products offers – the U-Anchor securement attachments to anchor your lighting equipment, or a full Light Mount Solution system to provide the complete package for your lighting needs. Made to match the membrane of the manufacturer roof type and color, the U-Anchor is waterproof and strong enough to sustain wind or seismic events. The U-Anchor is accepted by all North American Roofing Manufacturers and a part of most roofing manufacturer warranties.

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