U-Anchor Picked for Largest Solar Installation on Illinois Cultural Institution – 1st of Shedd Aquarium’s steps in clean energy plan include U-Anchor 2600™

Solar Panels Installed on Chicago aquarium. Anchor Product’s U-Anchor 2600™ rooftop attachments were installed on a 913-panel photovoltaic solar project at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium’s marine mammal pavilion. The 264-kilowatt project will generate 310,000 kilowatt-hours per year and is the largest solar installation at a cultural institution in Illinois. “The U-Anchor helped increase the speed of the installation and will provide a high level of wind resistance for a main attraction in the Windy City,” said Joel Stanley, President of Anchor Products. The $1.1 million solar electric power generation system was funded through public and private partnerships to power the aquarium’s emergency power backup system.

The U-Anchor 2600 was used to fasten the solar panels to the aquarium roof, protecting it from the cold and snow and preventing roof leaks. The U-Anchor 2600 consists of a  weatherized steel plate fastened over the existing roof and flashed in using anroofing industry standard three course coating detail.  It installs quickly by hot air welding the target to the fully adhered membrane and can go on at a rate of 12 per man hour. A ballasted system was used to attach the panels with Schletter FixZ rails and the U-Anchor 2000 as the rooftop attachment. “We were able to get larger uplift resistance using the attachments,” said Peter Rienks of Inovateus Solar, the solar integrator for the project.

The new photovoltaic panels are the first stage of Shedd’s Master Energy Roadmap, which was announced in January. The energy initiative’s goal is to cut Shedd’s energy consumption from other sources of electricity in half by 2020 and eventually make it the nation’s first clean energy-powered cultural institution. The long term goal of the Master Energy Roadmap is to save 10 million kilowatts of electricity annually or enough to power 750 households. “Protecting and preserving the living world is at the heart of Shedd Aquarium and we understand that conservation and sustainability begin at home in the aquarium,” said Ted A. Beattie, Shedd President and CEO. “We’re grateful for the generous support from our public and private partners to help Shedd be among the first cultural institutions to adopt a comprehensive clean energy model.”

Anchor Products, LLC is the manufacturer of the U-Anchor patented, non-ballasted, andnon-penetrating rooftop attachment products for the attachment of roofing equipment and accessories to ridged and flexible film roof membranes. U-Anchors maintain the membrane manufacturer’s warranty and can be quickly installed at a rate of 12 per man hour. The U Anchor 2600 and all of Anchor Products rooftop attachments come with an industry standard material warranty. The U-Anchor line of products can also attach mechanical equipment, electrical conduit,plumbing pipes, HVAC ducting, satellite dishes, windscreens, and antennas, among many others. For more details, please contact us. Or read the press release from Inovateus Solar about their involvement in the project.