For KEE single ply fully adhered or mechanically attached roofs we recommend:

Note: The primary difference between the two products is that the U-Anchor 2400 penetrates the roof, while the U-Anchor 2000 does not. Both provide light-weight, easy to install solutions for commercial roof projects.

U-Anchor 2400 Single Ply

A mechanically attached solution, consisting of a U-Anchor plate with a 3/8”-16 X 1 3/8” stainless steel stud and a 12” X 12” membrane cover. The U-Anchor plate is fastened over the roof membrane to the structural roof deck and the factory attached membrane cover is then welded to the roof membrane creating a permanent seal. The cover can be made from the same brand as the roofing material.

U-Anchor 2000 Single Ply

The U-Anchor 2000 is a non penetrating, ballast free attached solution, consisting of an encapsulated U-Anchor plate with a 3/8”-16 S.S. Stud fused to a 16”X16” membrane target. The target is welded to a fully adhered roof membrane. The Target can be made from the same brand as the roofing material.

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