Guardrail Solutions

GRD 100 Roof Mounted Guard Rail
GRD 0100 Roof Mounted Guard Rail Complete

The definition of a solution is an action, method, or process to solve a problem, or simply, an answer to a problem. Just add rooftop equipment to this equation and Anchor Products is your answer. Safety is such a key factor in rooftop equipment and a guardrail system is a vital part of maintaining a safe rooftop environment. Anchor Products has you covered with the GRD 0100 Roof Mounted Guardrail securement system. Designed for all low slope roofs (including single ply, asphalt, and coatings), the Roof Mounted Guardrail utilizes the U-Anchor 3000 series to create a watertight solution attached using manufacturer approved roofing fasteners. The U-Anchor provides a low-profile attachment that becomes the basis of an OSHA-compliant barrier for fall protection.

Each Guardrail system is manufactured from high tensile aluminum, making it lightweight for easy handling. It is a modular system that allows for unlimited configuration possibilities on the rooftop.
The AP Solutions GRD 0100 Roof Mounted Guardrail is a passive fall protection system that is fully attached and watertight. It is specially designed for workplace safety on low slope rooftops and utilizes the strength and innovation of the U-Anchor by Anchor Products. Used as a permanent solution, the Roof Mounted Guardrail system’s unique design eliminates the cost and danger of potential roof damage caused by counterweights utilized with other guardrail systems.

This Guardrail system is also available as a Wall Mounted unit, designed to attach with U-Anchors to a parapet wall. It suits all your safety and guardrail needs.

What Else?

You may know the U-Anchor and its unique place in the industry, but did you know that Anchor Products provides many other rooftop securement solutions that would fit in many of your rooftop projects? And of course, our solutions utilize the U-Anchor which means that it is included in the warranty of most major roofing manufacturers. Overburden on a roof is no longer an issue when the U-Anchor is the basis of the securement because it is considered to be a part of the roof itself.
A wide range of rooftop equipment securement solutions are available for any project. Solar, M.E.P., Safety, Access & Egress, Snow Retention, and more. Our solutions span across all categories of project types. Find out how to get Anchor Products Solutions into your next project by visiting us at  or by calling 888-525-2131 today. How will you secure your rooftop equipment? Make the right choice with Anchor Products. Connections That Last. Guaranteed.