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Customizing like a Professional

Architects, Engineers, and Contractors are always needing information and resources when designing their projects. Utilizing Professional Design Tools can be that simple gateway to designing a project with ease. Anchor Products, along with Concora, have a platform specifically designed for those architects and engineers seeking information.

How does it work?
When you visit the Anchor Products website, click the Professional Design Tools tab to open the page to begin the design process. Search and compare products, customize your project with specific products catered to your needs, design your projects using Anchor Products, and then create a submittal to fine tune and finalize your project’s requirements.

At your fingertips…
See every product, solution, and accessory that Anchor Products offers while designing the rooftop project. Browse through our many project profiles to see our products in action across the globe. After researching and shopping, it’s time to create a submittal to customize your order.

This is truly a one-stop shop to design and build a custom project using Anchor Products and our attachment solutions to secure the rooftop equipment on your current project. Any professional in need of information and resources can utilize this simple tool to assist in project design.

Who is Anchor Products?
Anchor Products stands by its slogan, “Connections That Last.” It is our assurance that our Solutions, U-Anchors, and accessories are strong, reliable, and versatile. The U-Anchor is included in almost every roof manufacturer’s warranty giving it staying power and stability in securing rooftop equipment in any condition that can present danger to the roof and its equipment. We match the brand and roof type of any roofing manufacturer, connecting Anchor Products to our allies in the industry. Anchor Products. Connections That Last. Guaranteed.

More about Concora
Concora creates an online design experience that bridges the gap by putting the technical details that architects, engineers, contractors, and designers need right at their fingertips with the tools and resources necessary to use it again and again.

Learn more about Anchor Products Professional Design Tool and begin your customized project using our Professional Design Tools.