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Pipes, wires, communications equipment, plumbing, and even solar are being installed on your commercial roof daily. Unfortunately, they are typically done in a manner that compromise the integrity and performance of the roof's primary purpose - to keep water out while protecting the assets within the building.

This is why Anchor Products developed the most advanced solution on the market. A solution designed by roofing experts for roofing experts. A Universal Anchor. The U-Anchor.

The U-Anchor seamlessly integrates with any commercial roofing material, made by any manufacturer, and installs in just a few minutes. With the U-Anchor, additional structural stress on your facility is prevented and roof warranties remain intact. Anchor Products is the smarter, stronger, and easier solution for mounting all your rooftop equipment.

Snow Retention

The roof protects your assets from the elements, but it is used for so much more. It is home to extensive snow retention systems that retain snow and ice from falling on unsuspecting pedestrians.

The 2-Pipe Snow Fence System by Anchor Products™ is a complete snow retention system that provides a strong solution to hold extreme loads of snow with the help of U-Anchors. U-Anchors can bear thousands of pounds when a load is place on them, so holding these components in place is a breeze.

Pipe Securement

A variety of pipes and cables can be found on a roof connecting several systems. Roofing manufacturers require that these components be elevated o­ff of the roof to protect the waterproofing membrane from rubbing and allow free flowing drainage. So while a pipe stand holds it up, what holds it down and keeps it in place? Anchor Products has the answer.

  • Pipe Anchoring
  • Gas Lines
  • Conduit
  • Condensation Lines

Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar arrays are very popular with building owners and energy procurement companies. The open space is ideal as a roof reduces the ground space requirements and protects from theft. However, the angles of the solar panels create dozens of small wind sails, so they must be anchored in place. Ballast blocks create unneeded stress on the build and introduce foreign debris that can damage - voiding your roof warranty. U-Anchors securely hold these components in place and maintaining the warranty.

  • Solar Racking
  • Inverter Stands
  • Conduit
  • Electrical Disconnects

Roof Equipment Securement

Large pipes and chimney stacks require more support due to their mass. A significant amount of effort goes into calculating how to spread out the weight of the system so it doesn't overload one spot of the roof deck or structure. Clevis hangers and H-frames with a proper base address this problem well, but it is important to ensure that a wind or seismic event does not cause them to move. Utilizing a U-Anchor and cabling can be the perfect answer to stop the problem before it happens.

  • Guy-Lines
  • Seismic Bracing
  • Ventilation Ducts
  • Chimney Stacks


The roof protects your assets from the elements, but it is used for so much more. It houses components that address security needs with lighting or cameras. It is home to extensive lightning protection systems. It can retain snow and ice from falling on unsuspecting pedestrians. And it can also be a security blanket for workers who need to tie-o­ff to a secure point. U-Anchors can do it all.

  • Area Restriction
  • Guardrail
  • Snow Retention
  • Fall Protection
  • Suspended Access
  • Lightning Protection

Are you working on something different? We can help!

Products For Your
Commercial Roof

Because every roof is different, we thought it might be a good idea to create a product that works on all of them. Our U-Anchors are manufactured to use the same material type and brand as your existing roof. All materials come prefabricated, so you simply open the box and install – reducing labor costs, providing consistent performance, and keeping your roof looking clean and professional. Plus, we have all the accessories you could need to complete your installation, making us a one stop shop.

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