The Difference
is in the Warranty

Roof Warranty & Attachments
Included vs Overburden


The owner has a roof warranty and a need to add something to the roof

The owner wants needs to install attachments and wants to maintain the roof warranty


Purchase a product from (or covered) by the roofing manufacturer

OR Purchase a 3rd party product and coordinate warranty coverage with roof manufacturer

  • Roof manufacturers require prior approval for 3rd party products on each project

  • Unless there is a letter from the roof manufacturer stating otherwise

  • Rooftop PV projects generally require additional documentation and installation steps

  • Alterations to the roof (including attachments) are generally classified as:

  • Voided

  • Overburden

  • Maintenance Item

  • Included

  • The roof manufacturer believes damage to the waterproofing is imminent

  • If the installation proceeds, the warranty is immediately cancelled

  • This is a RARE occurrence

  • A good example is wanting to turn the roof into a Go-Kart track

  • Overburden is applied to anything not sold (or covered) by the roof manufacturer

  • Mounting solutions, HVAC Units, Security lights, Portable Toilets, Billboards, etc

  • If there is a leak, the owner pays for:

  • Removing the overburden to assess, any issues from installation or traffic, any leak caused, and reinstallation

  • For large overburden, like rooftop solar, this can be cost prohibitive

  • Maintenance items are sole responsibility of the owner

  • Maintenance items are not covered in the warranty – even if they are sold by the roof manufacturer

  • Failure to maintain the items listed can result voiding the warranty

  • Any attachment with sealant, caulking, gaskets or compression fittings is considered a maintenance item

  • Adding these solutions reduces coverage and adds liability

  • The attachment is included in the roofing warranty as a single-source coverage

  • The attachment is included in the roofing warranty as a single-source coverage

Anchor Products is committed to bringing you the highest quality attachments to install your solar array.  To help you protect your investment, we’ve partnered with the world’s leading roofing manufacturers to guarantee that our U-Anchor attachments are compatible with your roof type, are accepted by every major roofing manufacturer, and will not void your roof manufacturer’s warranty.

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