The U-Anchor is available in five different series; each with its own plate, along with a variety of membranes to match the roof to which the accessories are being attached. All commercial roof types are available to match your rooftop — Single Ply, Bituminous and Liquid Applied.

U2400 | U-Anchor
U1000 | U-Anchor
U-Anchor | U2000
U3000 Series | U-Anchor
U-anchor | U4000 Series Anchor

Each U-Anchor is Carefully Crafted

 The U-Anchor is a proven solution for attaching your rooftop equipment quickly and effectively, while maintaining a watertight seal. The U-Anchor employs the same installation methods as the rest of your roof, utilizing the same material manufacturer. Customizable membranes and bolts allow the U-Anchor to seamlessly integrate with your roofing system as it maintains the integrity of the warranty.

U anchor | Anchor Products LLC