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Installing a solar rooftop is an investment – in both your roof as well as the property that it protects. To meet safety and integrity standards, rooftop solar panels and racking systems must be securely anchored for wind resistance.

Typically, solar panels and racking systems have been held in place by using heavy ballasts or an affixed anchoring system. However, the National Roofing Contractors Association has reported that over 70% of commercial rooftops in the U.S. cannot support the weight of ballasted solar. Many buildings have suffered irreparable damage due to excessive ballast loads and many arrays have been damaged or destroyed during storm conditions due to miscalculated designs.

The U-Anchor provides a lighter, smarter, and more efficient alternative to heavy ballasted systems.  Using our products, many complete solar racking arrays can weigh less than 3 pounds per square foot, reducing engineering requirements, associated fees, and the time required to complete the sales process. In addition to a ballast-free installation, systems can be installed as a hybrid system. Industry standards commonly allow our attachments to substitute ballasts using a pound-for-pound exchange – meaning that for each U-Anchor used, approximately 1,200 pounds of ballast could be removed.  

Make the Safe Choice

Solar integrators and EPCs are now able to increase sales opportunities by 300% by offering an installation option that is accepted by all roofing manufacturers, in addition to traditional ballasts, thereby improving the potential for a greater number of projects and generating greater profits. U-Anchor attachments protect roofs and investments. To learn more about U-Anchors, visit our about page or view our products. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started on your next project.

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