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Below you'll find several testimonials from our customers and partners, highlighting the key features of U-Anchors and the great customer service from Anchor Products. 

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"U-Anchors are the perfect Solar-Roofing integration product. We use them on all of our flat roofs. "

--- Scott Sousa of SUNation Solar Systems

“The U-Anchor 2000 provides a well thought-out and efficient means of fastening our solar mounting system to the roof of a commercial building.”

“The installation is fast and simple which reduces time spent on site. In states with high labor rates, this can have a significant impact on overall project cost.” 

--- Wolfgang Fritz, Ph.D., PE, Vice President of Schletter

“From the time I set foot on the roof, as they were just getting started, until the last visit after array completion, not one minute of trouble presented itself attributable to the U-Anchor.  I liked the ease with which roofers, unfamiliar with the product, were so quickly able to master the installation.  I liked the fact the anchors didn’t penetrate the roof membrane.  I really appreciated the personal attention from Anchor Products when services above and beyond the norm were requested due to no fault of their own.”

---  Andy Davidson, Project and Engineering Solutions Manager of Unirac

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"We at Sollega like the fact Anchor Products has an attachment solution for every commercial roof type.  The U-Anchor integrates well with our racking system and is very easy to install.  Our clients like it and are happy to know that it is roofing manufacturer accepted."

--- Elie Rothchild of Sollega