Anchor Products rooftop attachments are lightweight, easy to install, and have been tested by third parties to be resistant to high winds and seismic activity in land zones with the most volatile of weather patterns. Our attachments provide commercial and residential property owners with an affordable way to install solar rooftop systems without penetrating the roof or weakening the roof’s structure. Scroll to the bottom of this page for our Rooftop Compatibility Tool. 

The U-Anchor product line offers non-penetrating and penetrating ballast-free rooftop attachment solutions for every solar racking system and roof type, including low-slope roofing membrane, asphalt, coatings, and others. Our products are quick and easy to install (approximately 5 minutes or less per attachment) and much more affordable than traditional ballasted systems.

Solar rooftop systems provide an environmentally friendly way to utilize green energy and provide electricity at a lower cost. However, most rooftops cannot support the weight of ballasted solar systems. In addition, ballasted solar systems have been shown to contribute to premature roof system failure, which costs the roof owner money in repairs and discourages our community from implementing rooftop solar. Protect your investments with Anchor Products. 



Anchor Products Overview


Rooftop Compatibility Tool

Finding the right U-Anchor attachment for your roof is easy. Simply select your roof type from the choices below, and we’ll recommend the products that are best suited for your roofing project.

Choose Your Roof Type:





Ballasted EPDM

Modified Bitumen
Built Up Roof (BUR)

Built Up Roof (BUR) with Gravel

Liquid Applied Coating

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