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Installation for U-Anchor 2600 Coatings


  1. Prepare the roof surface by removing all loose debris and clean the area in accordance with the roofing manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Place the plate over the roof membrane and alien as per engineering requirements using the alignment marks on the edge of the plate.  Fasten using 2-4 fasteners as specified.
  3. Peel back half of the release liner exposing the adhesive.
  4. Carefully align the Die Cut Reinforcement Fabric over the bolt and press down around the center working outward to avoid wrinkles.  
  5. Remove the second half of the release liner and repeat the previous step.
  6. Using a weighted roller firmly roll over the entire surface of the Die Cut Reinforcement Fabric insuring a proper bond is achieved.
  7. Using a coating compatible with the roof type apply an even layer sufficient to completely cover the fabric.  The coating should surround the center bolt and extend at least 2-3” beyond the fabric circle on all sides. 
  8. Place the Membrane Separator over the coating and allow to cure.
  9. Once the coating has cured resume installing any additional hardware as needed.