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Our line of highly innovative roofing attachments are lightweight, dependable, and have been both certified and tested extensively by third parties. U-Anchor solar racking attachments are resistant to damaging winds, seismic activity, extreme weather events, and are changing the standard for solar roofing installation. The advanced engineering that goes into each and every single one of our products can provide you with a faster, simpler, and smarter way to install solar roofing systems. We also provide commercial and residential property owners with an affordable way to install solar rooftop systems without penetrating the roof or weakening the roof’s structure. Anchor Products rooftop attachments are quick and easy to install (approximately 5 minutes or less per attachment) and much more affordable than traditional ballasted systems.

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Warranty Compliant Solar Racking Mounts

Watertight, lightweight, and accepted by all rooftop manufacturers. We provide commercial and residential property owners with an affordable way to install solar rooftop systems without penetrating the roof or weakening the roof’s structure. Anchor Products is an alternative to heavy ballasted installations that will increase your installers' productivity by saving labor and improving reliability. Our patented, non-invasive design for the U-Anchor allows you to install 12 anchors per hour and is backed by our ten-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Our patented U-Anchor product design integrates with your roof type:

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Solar rooftop systems provide an environmentally friendly way to utilize green energy and provide electricity at a lower cost. However, most rooftops cannot support the weight of ballasted solar systems. In addition, ballasted solar systems have been shown to contribute to premature roof system failure, which costs the roof owner money in repairs and discourages our community from implementing rooftop solar. The U-Anchor product line offers non-penetrating and penetrating ballast-free rooftop attachment solutions for every solar racking system and roof type, including low-slope roofing membrane, asphalt, coatings, and others.

70% of commercial rooftops in the U.S. cannot support the weight of a ballasted solar rooftop system, so Anchor Products has developed rooftop attachments that are sturdy enough to withstand high winds and heavy seismic activity.

Our patented rooftop attachments are compatible with most solar racking systems, allowing you to install solar racking systems and other rooftop equipment without penetrating your roof or using heavy ballasts.

We design all of our products with your best interests in mind. That’s why we have partnered with the best roofing manufacturers to ensure that our U-Anchor products are compatible and acceptable for all types of installations.


Our customers trust Anchor Products for their solar rooftop installation needs.

"U-Anchors are the perfect Solar-Roofing integration product, We use them on all of our flat roofs."

- Scott Sousa of SUNation Solar Systems

"The U-Anchor 2000 provides a well thought-out and efficient means of fastening our solar mounting system to the roof of a commercial building."

- Wolfgang Fritz, Ph.D., PE, Vice President of Schletter

"We at Sollega like the fact Anchor Products has an attachment solution for every commercial roof type. The U-Anchor integrates well with our racking system and is very easy to install. Our clients like it and are happy to know that it is roofing manufacturer accepted."

- Elie Rothchild of Sollega

"The installation is fast and simple which reduces time spent on site. In states with high labor rates, this can have a significant impact on overall project cost."

- Wolfgang Fritz, Ph.D., PE, Vice President of Schletter